Press Release 20 March 2017

Indonesian Migrants Wokers Union (IMWU Macau) and migrant workers Network Indonesia (JBMI-Hong Kong) successfully rolling out the screening of the documentary film Erwiana Justice for All on Sunday, March 19, 2017 is housed at the University of Macau. In collaboration with PRIDE-University of Macau, Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW) and Caritas Macau, this screening was attended by more than 100 migrant workers from Indonesia, and the Philippines, as well as local residents. Screening the Prime in Macau is to commemorate International Womens day 8 March.

Hiburan tari yapong oleh anggota Laskar BMI Macau ( Aisyah)

Hiburan t oleh anggota Laskar BMI Macau

The story of struggle and Erwiana represent the fact we as women migrant workers outside the country definitely Yosa Wariyanti as coordinator of events and IMWU sysop-Macau. Erwiana is a victim of violence and slavery. He worked as domestic workers in Hong Kong by 2013 for 7 months. But Erwiana not given off, no paid staff, tortured, slept on the floor and only 3-4 hours during the day, each day just given some pieces of bread and a bottle of white water, forbidden to wear a toilet and much more inhumane treatment. After two years of investigation, the employer was convicted and sentenced to 6 years in prison.
Erwiana was also nominated as the 100 most influential people in the world by the TIMES Magazine. Macau also employs thousands of women migrant workers, including those from Indonesia and the Philippines. An awful lot of violence in the workplace. Persecution, unilateral LAYOFFS, overstayed, hours of work, length of incarceration documents and much, much more added Yosa.
Chairman IMWU-Macau, Roihatul Wardha describes the Government of Macau visa clearance process and related correction of data if an error occurs. Caritas Macau in represent by Pricillia also socialization about training programs for foreign workers.
While Dr. Brian Hall share health research program migrant workers who were he to run.

Gabriel Mikael movie maker

Gabriel Mikael movie maker

Gabriel Mikael, Erwiana filmmaker, attended and delivered the opening remarks. I made this film to show that slavery still exists in modern Hong Kong afflicts hundreds of thousands of domestic workers explained Gabriel who is also an immigrant in America and witnessed firsthand the injustice against immigrant communities. In addition, the Erwiana attending via skype and pass on a big thank you to all the migrant workers who support his case.

Erwiana hopes his experience will encourage more and more migrant workers against injustice. The Chairman of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), Eni Lestari, was also present to facilitate the screening of the film and describes the challenges of migrant workers on a global level that are increasingly heavy because of various government regulations no favors.
Many attendees who shed tears when watching the film Erwiana. ###

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